Program Logistics and Team Leaders

Careers in the Outdoors

Program Logistics and Team Leaders


Being a program, logistics manager, or team leader incorporates various roles

within the outdoors. These roles typically involve higher responsibilities in that you may be an Outdoor Education program manager, development manager, operations, and booking manager responsible for risk management and administration. These roles will often involve more administrative duties and planning; for example, for a rock-climbing activity, you may be required to ensure the equipment is safe, the buses are booked, students have completed their forms, and safety equipment is available as well as managing the rock-climbing instructor. 

Popular job titles in this job include:

  • Outdoor Camp Manager
  • Outdoor Camp Activities Programmer
  • Recreation Risk Manager
  • Camp Administrator
  • Recreation Events Manager
  • Programs Co-ordinator

A career fit for those who like to..

  • Spend time outdoors
  • Be a leader within a team and/or group
  • Organise events & activities

Salary Range


$20 – $60 per hour*

*Hourly rates are a guide only and do not reflect the industry award rate

Entry Level

$45k – $60k per year*

*Dependants on skills, qualification, activity, provider, etc.

MID (10 Years)

$65 K- $80 K

Exp (20 Years)

$110K +

Qualification Pathways

Study pathways to this job may include:

Registered Training Providers (RTOs):
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Activity specific e.g. Climbing, Bushwalking, Paddling, etc.
  • Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation
  • Diploma of Outdoor Leadership
  • Diploma in Business Management
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor of Education (Outdoor Education)
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Masters of Business Administration