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The Balloon association of Victoria is Australia’s Premier Hot Air Balloon Club.

The Australian Ballooning Federation: It’s worth going to their site just to view the amazing photos in the gallery. Now seriously I know that there are only a select few people of any age out there that might be harbouring dreams of piloting a balloon. If you are one of them then congratulations you are in the right place the ABF have a page called “New to It all?”- How to become a pilot. Go for it !

A few links to independant companies who offer Balloon flights.


UP UP and away in my beautiful balloon!

Remember that song by the 5th dimension back in the 60’s? Well if you don’t and you want to jog your memory or if you want to reminisce a bit go here and you’ll be able to enjoy the original song whilst watching video of balloons somewhere.

Did you know?

You can get involved with The Balloon Association of Victoria by learning to crew for them.

Crew are needed to help rig the balloon and to follow in a chase vehicle. Typically, after joining BAV you would go on club trips where you’d get involved in crewing and having the odd ride. You’d be unlikely to have your own balloon, but if you wish to train as a balloon pilot you can now receive instruction in the club’s own balloon by an authorised club instructor. Although the course is not long, training usually continues over a couple of years. Amateur ballooning in Victoria is seasonal, in that very little happens during the bushfire season. There is usually a one week training camp held somewhere in New South Wales or Victoria mid-winter and that’s where progress tends to be made.

If you’re interested start by attending their monthly meetings; held on the second Thursday of the month, except usually during January.

Meetings are held at 7pm, upstairs at the Grandview Hotel, 429 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Victoria 3078.