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Bushwalking Victoria is the Peak body for bushwalking in Victoria. Their site is full of up to date information on the what, where and when of everything that is happening in the state.

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Add nature to your next walk and enjoy better health, wellbeing and a sense of connection.
Bushwalking or taking a stroll through nature is a fabulous way to see and be part of the outdoors, be social and improve fitness. There is an abundance of bushwalking clubs all over Victoria.

Most clubs host regular walks which cater for all ages.

There are also many opportunities to volunteer, it does’t matter what your skill set is.

Everyone has something to offer!

Of course you don’t need a club to get out and walk. Walking can be a form of meditation if you like to do it on your own or call a friend and as they say over at Victoria Walks “Take a daily Walk for a lifetime of Better health”

Did you know?

  • There are 61 bushwalking clubs around the state.
  • There are 69 short walks posted on Bushwalking Victoria to help get you started.
  • To reduce the chance of getting lost in the bush you should : Always carry a map and compass. Have an experienced navigator in your party and take every opportunity to improve your own navigation skills. Pay attention to geographical features and general terrain and regularly identify your position on your map. Bushwalking Victoria
  • The Heart foundation runs a Walk Program. Follow this link to see if there is a group near you.