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The Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria is the peak body representing recreational scuba divers interests. The last update on their website is old but we are currently endeavouring to connect with them so stay tuned.

The Australian Underwater Federation is the governing body for underwater sports and amateur diving in Australia. It is a substantial and active organisation.

The Dive Victoria Group website is a good place to start to find out all the FAQs about diving. They are situated in Queenscliff and Portsea where they offer self-paced learning for all.

The scuba experience is for the first time diver. In a single day you will live through what everyone has told you about, the feeling of being underwater, seeing all sorts of marine life, and the beautiful aquatic environment that will leave you wanting more.

PADI Australia is another company who offer diving classes. They even have an E-learning course to kick you off whilst still dry at home!

Here also is a link to their discover scuba diving page.

Scuba diving clubs

Scuba culture

Power house underwater club

Melbourne University underwater club



There's a whole new world waiting for you in the deep blue sea!

We love diving in Victoria because there is so much variety right on our door step. From reef to deep wall dive, marine park and wrecks, you’ll be amazed with what Victoria has to offer. Each site will give you information on depth, certification levels, marine park details and more!

Did you know?
To learn to scuba dive you will need to be able to keep yourself afloat and be able to swim a few laps of a swimming pool. Our Instructors can help and include this as a fun exercise during your training. You will also need to fill in a medical history form and you may be required to get medical clearance to dive.

PADI Australia list 2 sites in Victoria as wonderful for diving

  • HMAS Canberra, Victoria – This naval ship was prepared and purpose-sunk as a dive site in 2009. Sitting on the bottom at 28 metres/92 feet, the HMAS Canberra’s mast reaches up to within 5 metres/15 feet of the surface. This wreck is now a Marine Reserve and hosts a healthy variety of marine species.
  • Lonsdale Wall, Victoria – This long wall can be explored on many different dives. You descend along a sheer wall with small ledges and big overhangs that often create swim-throughs. Look for fish hiding under the ledges, including the western blue devil fish, and soft corals and sponges clinging to the wall.