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Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. It is fabulous exercise as long as you can figure out how to hit that tiny ball.  On a nine-hole course, you can walk almost 4 kilometres, so even if you can’t master the game you could always caddy for a friend!



Did you know?

You can get started learning golf by attending a PlayGolf clinic. PlayGolf Clinics gives people of all ages the opportunity to learn golf in a cost effective and  relaxed group environment. People can enrol in female only, male only or mixed group clinics at various golf venues across Victoria, all year round.

A number of Organistions exist that specialise in supporting people with a disability to enjoy golf. Limbs 4 Life golf clinic program provides amputee participants with the opportunity to learn golf in a safe and comfortable environment. Clinics are conducted with the support of the PGA Learning Centre, Sandhurst Club, and under the careful direction of Christian Hamilton (PGA Professional who specialises in coaching golf to amputees). Clinics commenced in 2009 and are promoted throughout rehabilitation facilities and prosthetic centres throughout Victoria.

Golf balls travel significantly further in hot weather. The warmer the ball is, the more resilient the rubber becomes. A warmer golf ball has more elasticity, which causes the ball to leave the club with more force.