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ATHRA: the Australian Horse Riders Association

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Enjoy the total equine experience

The Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA) cater for all riding skills from beginner to advanced, and all horse breeds are welcome. 

There is a family environment in most clubs and there are many members of 60 and over.


Kids love horses and horse riding so it’s a great activity to take them to!

Did you know?

ATHRA (The Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) was formed way back in 1972 at Gatton in south-east Queensland to fill a much needed gap for those people who enjoyed horses, our heritage, the outdoors and camaraderie all encompassed within a non competitive leisure horse pursuit.

Today ATHRA boasts over 100 clubs around Australia with a membership base of approximately 3500 members. ATHRA has a national organisation structure with Regional Managers supporting the needs of clubs and members in all states and territories.