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Swimming Victoria

Masters Swimming Victoria
This is the peak body for swimming for adults in Victoria, for anyone aged 18 and over. It has over 1000 members in clubs all around Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

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Victorian Open Water Swimming Calendar developed and maintained by Greg Chaplin on behalf of the swimming club, the Casey Seals Masters Swimming Club.

List of Victorian Swimming & Lifesaving clubs

Polperro Dolphin Swims offer amazing marine animal experiences off the pier at Sorrento!

Moonraker dolphin swims.

Freshwater swimming holes in Victoria.

The middle Brighton Icebergers club

If you would like to have adult lessons in learning to swim before you head out into the sea and you live in Melbourne we can highly recommend the adult swimming classes at Victoria University, Footscray Campus.

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Open sea Swimming
Did you know?
According to Julie Bradshaw MBE,who is one of the world’s top open-water swimmers,

It doesn’t matter if you’re not super-lean. A bit of body fat can be a distinct advantage in cold waters, in fact, as it provides some insulation.

Feel good
Regular swimming will build muscle strength and improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and can be used as an excellent form of cross-training. Mastering the elements while sea swimming can build confidence and self-esteem, and it’s recognised as being an ideal way to assist recovery from other sporting injuries (injuries from swimming are very rare).

Watch the cold
Hypothermia can be a risk. Listen to your body and if you start to feel cold, get out of the water. You also need to be wary of sunburn and use a high-factor waterproof sunscreen on areas such as neck, shoulders and the backs of your legs. Dehydration is another consideration, particularly in sunny and/or warm conditions – you may be in the water, but you still need to drink regularly. For longer swims you may need to apply Vaseline to areas of possible chafing, especially if you’re wearing a wetsuit. Even without a wetsuit, you should apply Vaseline around the edges of your swimming costume, under your arms, at the bottom of your swimming cap, etc.

Getting started

Most people graduate to sea swimming from the pool, so it’s important to be aware of the differences between the controlled environment of a pool and the natural environment of the sea. The lack of guidelines or lane ropes to keep you on course, and the fact that weather and swimming conditions can change in minutes, can take time to adjust to.

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