Careers in the Outdoors

This is a new initiative for Outdoors Victoria (OV), part of our long-term strategy to bring the different sectors of the industry together and promote a career in the outdoors as a viable, high quality and long-term prospect.

At the moment, we have built resources and increased the industry’s visibility to grow the workforce intake for outdoor provider businesses and organisations.

OV participated at the VCE & Careers Expo in April, the Victorian Careers Show in May and at the Melbourne Career Expo in July. Over the three Expos, OV had the opportunity to connect with over 30,000 thousand students, mainly from years 11 and 12 and handed out thousands of brochures directly to those interested in a career in the outdoors.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Andrew Gooday at

Download our Careers in the Outdoors Brochure