media release from: Parks Victoria : Twelve Apostles vehicle parking map

Revised parking conditions within the Port Campbell National Park including the Twelve Apostles precinct during the Chinese NewYear Period

The Chinese New Year festival (16-27 February) will see a significant increase in visitors travelling on the Great Ocean Road to the TwelveApostles. During this time, there will be the potential for traffic delays and parking is expected to be at maximum capacity daily between 12 noon and 5pm.

To safely manage visitation, Parks Victoria has implemented a traffic management plan at Twelve Apostles, Gibson Steps and Loch Ard Gorge visitor sites. We would like to remind all operators of the revised parking arrangements that now apply at the Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre and Gibson Steps visitor sites within the Port Campbell National Park. The revised parking arrangements have been designed to improve traffic flow and provide safe pedestrian access to both visitor sites.

  • Parks Victoria encourages tour operators to put visitor safety first in accessing the sites within Port Campbell National Park to observe road rules and the directions of traffic controllers.
  • Parking or stopping to drop off or pick up on the Great Ocean Road is not permitted where yellow lines are marked.

Tour Operators must ensure that all drivers are familiar with and adhere to the following the revised conditions.

Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre

  • All coaches, buses and minibuses with trailers are required to disembark passengers at the front of the TwelveApostles Visitor Centre providing pedestrians direct access to all walkways including to the helicopter hangar.
  • To avoid delays for other arriving buses, drivers and tour leaders are encouraged to provide directions to their customers prior to arrival at the drop off point
  • Once passengers have disembarked at the designated drop off point, drivers are to immediately make their way to the bus parking area.
  • All buses must observe onsite signage that directs where buses of different sizes are required to park.
  • Coaches and buses must park in bays facing the same direction as arrows marked on the road pavement. If the drop off area is congested with other vehicles, passengers may disembark at the current bus access.  Buses dropping off on the western side of the bus parking are to disembark passengers alongside the newly constructed pathway and direct guests to use the recently installed pedestrian crossing at the entrance to the bus parking area.
  • As in previous years, if capacity for parking buses and coaches is exceeded at any point during traffic management operations, buses and coaches may be directed to park off-site (Glenample Homestead) while their clients visit.  Systems will be in place to manage communications between drivers and clients if required and to allow parking for coaches and buses to re-load passengers at departure time.
  • Access from the bus parking area to the hangar area has been decommissioned. All visitors must use designated walkways to both the TwelveApostles viewing area and the hangar.
  • Parks Victoria asks all drivers to remind visitors to use designated walkways at all times.

Gibson Steps

  • All buses and coaches with over 14 seats (as defined in the Roads Act) must not park at the site due to car park and site capacity. Double parking, parking outside parking bays or parking in no standing areas (in car park and along Great Ocean Road) is not permitted.
  • If the car park is at capacity operators must depart the site and return when there are available parking spaces.
  • Visitors can use the walking track between the TwelveApostles Visitor Site and Gibson Steps, which is an easy 25 to 30-minute return walk.

Loch Ard Gorge

  • Coach and bus drivers leaving the Twelve Apostles will be informed if there is parking space at Loch Ard Gorge.
  • In the designated bus parking area, coaches (50 seat) are required to park on the left-hand side of the bay where possible.  (If coaches park on the right-hand side, often the front or rear of the coach hangs out in the laneway and can block or restrict vehicles moving through).
  • A secondary coaster bus (21 seats) bay will be set up adjacent to the designated bus parking area to increase capacity.  Traffic controllers will be on site to direct drivers.
  • If parking is not available, coaches (50 seats) will be unable to access the site.
  • If parking is unavailable, smaller coaster buses (21 seats) will be able to drop off passengers but will then be required to leave the site to park either at Glenample Homestead or elsewhere.  This is a new strategy that will be trialled this year.

Please ensure each vehicle has a valid Parks Victoria Tour Operator vehicle sticker attached.

For more information please contact 13 1963 or email