We’ve received word from DET today with a few specifics related to the current lockdown throughout Victoria:

  • School camps and excursions cannot take place at this time
  • The exception are camps that commenced prior to 11.59pm on Thursday 27 May, 2021.
  • These can continue but camp activities must be consistent with the restrictions in place for the wider community.
  • Camps are permitted to ‘shelter in place’ with appropriate staff supervision and care but have no visitors to the camp site.
  • Schools may choose to return from camps earlier than expected but are not required to do so.
  • Once the camp has concluded, participants should travel directly to their residence and stay at home if this occurs while restrictions remain in place.
  • Where possible, travel should be avoided during the circuit breaker period.
  • If travel home from the camp facility is necessary during the circuit breaker period, students and staff should travel directly home and once home, only leave for the permitted reasons.

If you have any queries please connect with our CEO, Andrew Knight at ceo@outdoorsvictoria.org.au

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