Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) has engaged Springer International to publish the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education online.

Subscription to JOEE for individuals and organisations in Australia and New Zealand will be available through any OEA affiliated organisation. (Outdoors Victoria Affiliate membership)

Your OEA JOEE subscription will include access to the Outdoor Education Australia Digital Library.


Subscriptions usually costs $35.00 paid through your OEA affiliated organisation but until the end of 2018 ALL OV AFFILIATE MEMBERS AND THEIR STAFF CAN ACCESS WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS.

What do you get for your subscription?

  • Three new digital JOEE issues published each year
  • Advanced online publication of articles
  • A growing catalogue of short video abstracts with authors discussing their articles.
  • Over 100 articles from JOEE and AJOE back issues
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education Curriculum Resources from around Australia

Subscription to JOEE for individuals and organisations who are not members of OEA affiliated organisation will be through Springer International