A podcast series on the historic movement to protect the Little Desert National Park.

Created for VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies students and anyone interested in Victoria’s Little Desert campaign.

Produced by the Victorian National Parks Association, with support from Parks Victoria

Learn all about the foundational role of the Victorian community’s environmental movement to protect the Little Desert National Park in Victoria in this exciting new four part podcast series.

This podcast relates to VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies 2018-2022, Unit 3, historic relationships with outdoor environments.  It is also for anyone interested in developing an understanding of the significance of the Little Desert campaign to the history of environmental movements in Victoria.

Develop an understanding of the strong, socially-driven campaign, in Victoria during the 1960s that led to the creation of the Little Desert National Park, and its lasting impacts on Victorian politics.

Students can explore how early community campaigns pushed for the protection of the Little Desert and how this movement contributed to the development of, what is known today as, the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council.

Students can also investigate the Traditional Custodians’ approach to land management, and uncover the importance of the Little Desert’s broader ecology and current management challenges.

Image courtesy Dr. Leonard Hart-Smith

The podcast provides a rare opportunity for students and other listeners to hear the personal experiences and stories from people directly involved in the campaign, alongside media clips from the time and experts on the ecology of the area.  Students will hear from Barengi Gadjin Land Council’s Executive Officer, Brett Harrison, about the significance of the Little Desert to Traditional Custodians’ and Victoria’s first successful Native Title Determination.  Interviews with Executive Director of the Victorian National Parks Association’s Matt Ruchel and the Victorian Environment Assessment Council’s Executive Officer, Joan Phillips, will explain  how the Little Desert dispute influenced environmental politics today.  Parks Victoria’s local ranger, Zoe Wilkinson, also shares an overview of the ecological values of the Little Desert National Park and the challenges involved in managing the area today. 

Equipping students with knowledge:

  • to describe and analyse the changing relationships with the Little Desert, which have been influenced by historical events and associated key social and cultural issues
  • to investigate the foundation and role of environmental movements in changing relationships with the Little Desert
  • to assess the impact of increasing environmental awareness in Victoria on the policies of political parties

The Little Desert podcast project can be accessed at:

It is also available on iTunes and Spotify.

Happy listening!