Chris Townsend from Outdoor & Environmental Education at La Trobe University recently had a great win after lobbying the state government and Vic Roads, to have canoes & kayaks included in the “Exemption of Certain Class O Vehicles from Rear Overhang Limits”.

Previously the exemption applied to Rowing Hulls, Yachts & gliders but not canoes & kayaks.

Chris said that without the exemption,recreational and educational organisations would have been required to outlay many thousands of dollars per trailer of dollars to comply with overhang regulations, not to mention the ongoing costs and OH&S issues associated with handling heavier trailers

So if you are towing a trailer carrying canoes or kayaks print the exemption document and carry in your car at all times. For more information go to VicRoads. Well done Chris your work is greatly appreciated by the Outdoors community!