$20,000 up for grabs; paving the way for female participants and pioneers in the growing Australian Adventure Landscape

APPLICATIONS OPEN until 28th Feb 2018

This Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant was announced earlier this month

They have $20,000 + gear up for grabs for four Australian Women who display a creative and innovative approach towards adventure in the following categories:

  • 18 & Under
  • Adventure for Change
  • Adventure Film & Photography
  • Over 50’s

Following is an excerpt from their media release. As well as clearly outlining what the grant is about and explaining the movement, it also raises some great questions and topics for discussion that we all could take to our next forums and strategy meetings:


Whilst growth has occurred in the number of women entering outdoor vocations, adventure expeditions and participation in active adventure sports, white men are still the dominant face in outdoor recreation, outdoor education, and wilderness adventure pursuits. The role, place, and often invisible contributions of women working in this space have become an area for increased scrutiny

Multiple researchers have identified that, “males dominate in many arenas, and masculine characteristics and behaviours are often rewarded whilst female voices go unheard. Collective experiences of many women in outdoor and adventure pursuits suggest that at times they feel relegated, side-lined, and undervalued. For women, numerous authors have identified experiences of alienation and invisibility over the past 30 years or more…”

We are here to change that.

The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant is not about ‘Insta-worthy’ pictures of smiling women with perfect hair or pink washing the adventure / outdoor space. It is a genuine effort to improve the visibility of women’s participation, skills and sense of achievement, promoting tangible results to encourage women of all experience levels and create an entry point for women and girls on the peripheral of adventure.

It all started with some conversations with adventurous women within our network, leaders in their own right, and all round epic women in early 2017 when they informed us that they had been knocked back from expedition funding because women’s adventures weren’t deemed “epic” enough.

Once we picked out jaws off the ground, we began to discuss a few things. Firstly what is the definition of epic, and what is it that causes such a controversial reaction when the words adventure and women are used in the same sentence and second, with women tipping the scales when it comes to participating in many outdoor active pursuits, why are women still not being seen or heard?

Epic does tend to conjure images of extreme adrenaline filled escapades. However, in more colloquial terms epic can be defined as ‘extending beyond the usual or ordinary’ and we don’t see any issues with applying this definition to the domain of women’s adventure.

For further details or to organize an interview with one of our Ambassadors or the Grant Organisers – Travel Play Live, please email amy@travelplaylive.com.au

Founders of Travel Play Live Magazine & Events and co- founders of the newly formed Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance.

  • Amy Heague e: amy@travelplaylive.com.au
  • Kerryann Hayes e: kez@travelplaylive.com.au

Grant Ambassador- Hanny Allston

You can find out more about Hanny from her website and the fabulous ways she supports adventure initiatives via her podcast. Grant at a glance:

  • Applications open 1st Jan – 28th Feb 2018
  • Winners Publicly Announced at Awards night in Sydney 3rd May 2018

NEWSWORTHY ISSUES arising from the Grant:

– A female perspective on environmental responsibility & impact of adventure
– How women experience the outdoors differently
– Supporting and encouraging young women to get active and involved in outdoor adventure activities
– Women over 50 are invisible in the space, but make up a big % of travellers and active participants in adventure events so why do we never hear about them or see them in the mainstream media?

For further details or to organize an interview with one of our Ambassadors or the Grant Organisers – Travel Play Live, please email amy@travelplaylive.com.au

Media Release: February 2018
Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant