Workshop series: An expert’s guide to incident prevention

The UPLOADS Project Team invites you to contribute to designing a practical process for translating incident data into appropriate and effective prevention strategies for Led Outdoor Activity (LOA) providers.

Designing the new process will involve two full day workshops.

Workshop 1 – 9:30am Wednesday 4th October 2017, Melbourne
Workshop 2 – 9:30am Tuesday 21st November 2017, Melbourne
To participate, you must work for an LOA provider, and managing incident data or developing incident prevention strategies should be part of your role. Regulators who are involved in the standardisation and/regulation of safety practices in the led outdoors are also invited to participate.

UPLOADS recognise that this is a significant time commitment, however this is required to effectively translate existing knowledge into a process that is both practical and aligns with the values of the LOA sector.  The process will be integrated into the existing UPLOADS reporting system, and will be available for all LOA providers to use.  We hope that this should have significant safety benefits for the LOA sector. In addition, through the workshop, you may gain insights that you can use to improve current processes in your organisation.

If you have any questions regarding this project or would like to participate in this important research, please register your details HERE or you can contact us either by email ( or phone (07 5456 5904).

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