Using movement and the outdoors to enhance student wellbeing

Using movement and the outdoors to enhance student wellbeing


2:25 – 3:15 pm
13th of July

Room: Spotted Gum

Adriana Pinder
Renae Fraser

Many students are experiencing a decline in their wellbeing, and particular recent events have increased the wellbeing needs of individual students and entire cohorts. Now is a better time than ever to look for proactive ways to optimise students’ wellbeing, and what better way than using movement and the outdoors to support this. Studies looking at school- and curriculum-based outdoor learning programs have reported numerous positive effects across all facets of personal wellbeing. Exposing our youth to natural environments lowers stress and increases their overall wellbeing, providing instant and longer term positive effects.

This session will target the key strategies of movement and the outdoors to improve student wellbeing. We will also share and trial activities to try with students to improve their wellbeing, and explore resources you can access for ideas and support.

About the Presenters

Adriana brings considerable teaching and leadership experience in primary and secondary schools, both locally and internationally. Adriana’s recent school experience, deep understanding of curricula and capacity to lead projects has enabled ACHPER Victoria to grow and expand the quality of our resources and professional learning program.

Renae has a background in teaching for the past 20 years in primary, secondary and TAFE settings, teaching across all levels of Health and Physical Education as well as Cert 3 VET Sport & Recreation. Renae has held a number of leadership and curriculum roles including Head of Department and has been involved with the HPE VCE curriculum through SAC reviewing and exam marking.

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