Do you have an interest in the future of climbing in Victoria?

Many people in our community have been affected by the current challenges with rock and rope activities in the Grampians (Gariwerd) and Mount Arapiles (Dyurrite). As a consequence Outdoors Victoria and Sport Climbing Victoria have drafted an extensive Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations Report for all those in the community who have an interest in the support advocacy of rock climbing and related activities in Victoria in the future.

Following the last Climbing Founding Council meeting in August 2020, OV’s Chris Ali has been addressing feedback and updating the original  Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations document, drafted by Nikki Lovell LLB. We are now releasing it for public consultation to the Victorian climbing community and related stakeholders.

  • Please spend approx. 30 mins to digest the attached report, and then spend circa 5 minutes on the survey.
  • The survey is designed to collect feedback from the Victorian climbing community on the document, which contains a number of options for the future.
  • To access the survey:  A QR code is embedded on Page 39, (before the appendices) in the attached report.
    • Scan the code with a mobile device which will link you directly to the survey.
    • If you’d prefer a web link to the survey please contact OV’s Chris Ali :
    • **The survey link has been embedded in the report to encourage responses from those who have read the report first.
  • You can also request an online briefing meeting with Chris to discuss any questions you may have.

Please share the link to the document widely amongst interested colleagues.


Due to COVID19, our original plan to run face to face forums to gather feedback on the document, have been revised. The safest alternative for public consultation currently is the online survey combined with online forums run for the LTO group, educators, individual clubs and organisations.


The timeline for the public draft consultation is as follows:
  • Thursday 19th Nov and 23rd Nov 2020 – You are invited to make contact via email with Chris to arrange a time to chat and/or arrange a time to run an online Q&A forum with members of your organisation. Chris would appreciate it if you could have a range of options of dates and times that will work for your organisation so that we can find a time that will be mutually achievable.
  • Between 23rd Nov and 4th Dec 2020 – Online forums to take place at mutually arranged times.
  • 13th December 2020 – Feedback Survey Closes (This allows a minimum of a week after the potential forums to consider the document before providing feedback)
  • Moving forward after 13th December 2020 – Analysis of data from the feedback survey.  This analysis will then be considered and included in the document before a final recommendation is made in early 2021.



Click to access Public%20Draft%20-%20OV%20&%20SCV%20Climbing%20Governance%20Review%20and%20Recommendations.pdf