2019/2020 will be remembered across large parts of Australia as a summer of bushfires. These fires have had, and are having, terrible impacts on people and places that we love.

We acknowledge the amazing work of the fire fighters (paid and volunteer) who have done so much for our communities – and we thank each and every one of these heroes.

We thank the land owners and land managers who prepared those places to the best of their abilities with the resources available. The entire outdoor industry who planned, evacuated, cancelled and continues to keep participants safe, your professionalism is to be commended. Finally, we acknowledge the members of the public who heeded warnings and adapted their plans regarding outdoor activities during this time of extremes.

As an outdoor group, we need to be mindful of the traumatic experiences that so many people have had in recent times and in the past in relation to bushfires. For some the time to join in recovery is not yet, please contact your state based outdoor peak body when you need support or want to discuss the issues.


Tuesday 28 January 2020, 4pm to 6pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Time

The State peak bodies for outdoor activities across Australia are collaborating to present a webinar to discuss bushfire recovery. We invite all interested people from the Australian outdoor sector to join the webinar; members, non-members, employers, employees, sole traders, freelancers and those in related government agencies.

The impacts on outdoor activities from bushfires differ from State to State and region to region. There will be different issues for neighbouring operators. This is a complex picture which is difficult to grasp, and may not be fully understood for years. As such, we are organising a national webinar where we can learn from each other.

The webinar will be an opportunity for people from across the outdoor sector to inform the recovery process. Your contributions will provide insight into the help that may be needed by outdoor operators now and into the future.

The key questions proposed to discuss are:

  • What does recovery mean for the outdoor sector?
  • What does the outdoor sector need to recover?
  • How do we all contribute to that recovery?

The webinar will be facilitated by staff from State peak outdoor organisations as a collaborative approach to the issues facing the outdoor sector. We want to work on this together.

Victorian Outdoor Industry Bushfire Recovery Taskforce

Outdoors Victoria with support from Sport and Recreation Victoria, and a number of other Peak bodies and organisations, is re-establishing the Outdoor Industry Bushfire Recovery Taskforce. Whilst originally established after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, the renewed Taskforce will best address the unique recovery needs the outdoor industry now faces.

In coming weeks we’ll provide more information on the Taskforce, its members, how the industry can be involved and how it will assist the outdoor industry.

If you need assistance or information through Outdoors Victoria’s relationship network, please email CEO Andrew Knight your query or book in a time for a phone call at: ceo@outdoorsvictoria.org.au


Emergency Service Information

The Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC), have providing a page of handy links to further information on: 

  • Where to get help
  • Personal well-being
  • Workplace relations advice
  • Insurance
  • Farm support
  • NSW

The Victorian Government’s, Department of Education and Training (DET’s) site has further bushfire related emergency information for parents and carers, including:

  • How to prepare
  • Relief and Recovery Centres